Performing and recording artist, multi-instrumentalist Jose Irarragorri is a composer, missionary and educator known for his passionate performances, versatility and fluid expression on the guitar, bass and Latin percussion. 


   Irarragorri was born in Trinidad de Cuba where he initiated his musical studies at home with his father Carlitos Irarragorri. Witnessing his father and friends often playing music spiked his interest and at the age of six he began taking guitar and percussion lessons. 


   He eventually started studying music in the EIA (Escuela de Instructores de Arte) in Cuba where he was able to expand his musical intellect and learn more about traditional Cuban music, Latin jazz, classical and Brazilian music. By the age of fourteen, Jose began performing as a double bass and guitar player professionally with local bands and singers in his hometown gaining experience and a different type of musical understanding. 


   In 2010 he moved to Tampa, Florida where he continued performing with local musicians as well as internationally-acclaimed artists. After touring around the USA, Canada and Europe he was awarded with the World Tour Scholarship to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and moved to Boston, Massachusetts. At Berklee, Irarragorri started learning more about jazz guitar, music business and production. 


   Jose has worked and collaborated in several singles, studio albums, tours, live sessions and tv shows with a variety of artists like: Arturo Sandoval, Randy Waldman, Jesus Molina, Tony Dize, Javier Limón, Ivy Queen, Noel Schajris, Oscar Stagnaro, Leslie Grace and others.


  Irarragorri is currently living in Basel, Switzerland where he keeps pursuing his career as a music producer, composer, educator and performer.


   Music can help us to connect with our soul, lift our mood, combat depression; it can take you right back to the exact moment where certain things happened in your life. Irarragorri has a deep belief in the power of music, and therefore focuses his composing, performing and teaching on the use of music as a language of emotions.